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Industry leading research

WE ARE GOLF is the industry’s trade organization and, through a collaborative effort of golf’s leading organizations, develops initiatives designed to drive participation and interest in the game. Allied partners include associations, manufacturers, course owners / operators, media and others.


Measuring impact

Every five years, WE ARE GOLF commissions a research study on the health of the entire golf industry including total economic impact, number of jobs impacted, total wages and other details broken down by specific sectors. The first report was published in 2002, which showed that golf in 2000 was a $62 billion industry. The most recent report in 2017 (based on 2016 data) showcased golf as a $84.1 billion industry impacting nearly two million jobs.


Tracking the game

WE ARE GOLF partners with many industry leading organizations to commission research projects to better understand the full landscape and health of the game. The adjacent Monthly Rounds Played reports are just one of many different data points that contribute to the overall health of the game.


Benefiting local and national charities

A report commissioned by WE ARE GOLF, reveals that golf, as a fundraising vehicle, is a catalyst for raising more than three billion dollars for charity each year in the United States. The study was conducted by the National Golf Foundation (NGF), and involved interviews with more than 1000 golf facilities.


Impact of CMAA Clubs

These reports detail the economic impact of clubs managed by members of the Club Management Association of America - with members across all classification. Managers operate country, golf, athletic, city and more. They look to promote and advance friendly relations among persons connected with the management of clubs and other associations of similar character.


Worldwide participation

The golf industry initiative to enhance the growth of interest and participation in the game world wide.

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