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Golf facilities provide a community service in offering a place to recreate and socialize, serving as a hub of community social interaction. The game also offers a challenge each time out, whether it’s a new course or home course, and allows players to surround themselves in nature as they navigate through the course.

Golf's Availability

Did you know?

That of about 15,000 U.S. golf facilities, more than 10,000 are open to the public? That's 75% of golf courses are public. The median green fee across America is only $38 for a round of public golf. Eight out of 10 golfers play public golf.


Provide reasonably priced recreation for residents

Municipal golf courses are like any other category of golf course.

A municipal course (“muni” or “muny” for short) is a golf course that is owned by a governmental authority. This includes cities -or- municipalities, hence the term “municipal golf course.” Courses owned by a county, state or province might also be referred to  as  municipal  courses.

According to the National Golf Foundation, there are 2,487. This represents the all-time “high water mark” for the number of municipal facilities since golf started in America.

Municipal courses are owned and/or managed by the city, town or county. Public courses are owned by individuals, real estate development companies, partnerships or corporations. Public courses may be owned by one entity and managed by another.