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Education & Skill Development


The Education & Skill Development Work Group is responsible for attacking golf’s culture at the point of play and operationalizing inclusion through the following initiatives:

  • Develop and disseminate Inclusion Guidelines for Golf Facilities to all PGA Sections, third party operators, and facilities including TPC facilities.
  • https://www.pga.com/story/pga-of-america-introduces-inclusion-guidelines-for-golf-facilities
  • Create a webpage that compiles all best practices, articles, videos, and podcasts. The information submitted via the webpage will assist the cross-functional DEI Industry work teams in compiling organizational best practices to help make the sport of golf more welcoming to all. offer a point of submission for entries to encourage a wide range of material.
  • Educate players, fans and volunteers at the point of play to address assumptions, unconscious bias, microaggressions and inclusions.
  • Provide DEI education to the DEI Golf Industry Collaboration Work Group members, PGA Associates and PGA Golf Management Students.

Work Group Leader: Linnet Carty ([email protected])