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Health of The Game

Leading Role

Telling golf stories

We take a leading role to engage a broad spectrum of the golf industry in a coordinated and strategic effort to tell golf’s story to a non-golf audience of key influencers, including government officials, media and others. To do this, we create and distribute regular and credible communications about the industry’s economic vitality.

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How We Came To Be

Our history

WE ARE GOLF will strive to share a variety of key facts about the U.S. golf industry. Most importantly, the effort will stress that golf is a sport played by more than 24 million Americans and enjoyed as a favored spectator activity by millions more. But it is far more than a game: golf is a leading U.S. industry that makes a wide variety of positive contributions to our society.


Creating lasting benefits

Golf is a leading U.S. industry that makes a wide variety of positive contributions to our society.


The golf industry impacts 2 million jobs in the U.S. and total wage income of $55.6 billion, and is larger than the motion picture and video business.


Billion in Total Impact


Golf facilities provide a vital community service in offering a place to recreate and socialize, serving as a hub of community social interaction.


Billion in Total Wages


A golf course is a healthy natural environment. Nearly 15,000 U.S. golf facilities provide communities with 2 million acres of green space.


Million In Green Space

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Knowing the economic impact of golf in your state is important so Congress further understands the tax revenues and jobs it creates.

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The golf industry conducts a variety of monthly, quarterly and annual reports to better understand the health and trends of the game.