7 Best Highest MOI Putter You Can’t Help But Love

high moi putter

Putting isn’t an easy stroke to master, which is why most golfers struggle when it comes to the short game.

Having a high MOI putter can significantly improve your game, therefore if you are someone looking to improve your accuracy on the greens you are at the right place.

Down below we have compiled a list of 7 best high MOI putters that are currently available on the market.

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Our Top 3 High MOI Best Putters – At A Glance

Editor's Choice
Odyssey Golf 2022 Ten Putter
  • Style: Double Bend Hosel, Oversized Grip
  • Size: Available in 33",34" and 35"
  • Performance: Excellent performance with added stability and forward roll
  • MOI: High
Top Pick
Spider Tour Black #3
  • Style: Available in Black Color
  • Size: 34" or 35"
  • Performance: Optimal Forgiveness, Enhanced Stability and Control
  • MOI: High


Budget Pick
PXG Lightning 0211
  • Style:  Heavy Blade
  • Size: 34"
  • Performance: Better roll and balanced design
  • MOI: High
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Top 7 High MOI Putters on The Market

1) Spider Tour Black Double Bend Putter

Top Pick
1) Spider Tour Black Double Bend Putter

The TaylorMade Spider Black High MOI Putter is an excellent mallet style putter for players that want high speeds and consistent roll.

TaylorMade has left no stone unturned in constructing this mallet putter, and these extra dollars are worth it if you want the best putter for your new-found love for golf.

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The TaylorMade Spider Tour Black Double Bend Putter is one of the best high MOI putters you can buy out there.

The Taylormade Spider Putter is an excellent combination of softness off the face, a smooth roll, and a nice center of gravity.

The large putter face allows you to square to your target, find the line, and sink the putt.


  1. It is a mallet-type high MOI putter that produces consistent forward roll on every shot including off-center hits.
  2. The alignment line on the top assists to aim the putter with the ball line with the square-shaped putter head.
  3. It features a multi-material construction that provides it with a high MOI
  4. This mallet-style putter has a 38-degree toe hang, 3.5-degree loft, and 70-degree lie
  5. The Pure Roll face insert with 45º grooves to increase topspin and promote more forward roll.


  • The heavier putter head adds to a smooth and even backswing, resulting in a nice and steady speed.
  • The Spider Tour Black Putter has a nice bounce and produces a smooth roll and perfect speed.
  • There is a good amount of tackiness on the grip; it is thick, but not overly thick.
  • The matte black finish makes it look nice and clean


  • Offers very little forgiveness if you are not hitting the golf ball dead center.

2) Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter

Best Modern Mallet Putters
2) Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter series is the go-to option for golf players looking for a modern mallet-style putter.

It blends traditional features with the latest technology to provide you with a well-balanced putter on the golf course.

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The Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter is a high MOI putter series offered by the brand with a variety of changes in the shaft design.

Almost all of the changes in a golf putter take place in the club head, but this is not the case with Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters which feature a new shaft design process.

With a mixture of graphite and steel, the weight is moved in an effort to improve the golf ball tempo on the green.


  1. The Odyssey Stroke Lab Ten Putter features the latest technologies in a mallet design to assist golfers in making more putts.
  2. The unique multi-material Stroke Lab shaft improves the tempo and consistency of the stroke.
  3. The putter’s high MOI is a result of its multi-material construction, making it stable and forgiving on off-center hits.
  4. The Micro hinge Star Insert offers a firmer feel and improved sound at impact while maintaining the roll benefits of the Tour-proven White Hot Micro hinge Insert.
  5. The High Def Alignment system makes it simple for golfers to aim better at address, which is crucial for consistent putting.


  • It offers optimal forward roll
  • Odyssey putter boasts a balanced design that is neither too heavy nor too light.
  • Soft and solid in a way that no other insert can quite copy.
  • Excellent for putting green


  • A number of high MOI putters are available in this series which can be confusing to choose from.

3) Odyssey Golf Ten Putter

Editor's Choice
3) Odyssey Golf Ten Putter

The Odyssey Ten Putter is one of the best mallet putters on the market thanks to its unique shape which makes it a high MOI putter that can produce consistent ball speed.

All of this combined with the triple track alignment make it one of the best high MOI putters and our Editor’s Choice.

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A triple-track putter such as the Odyssey Golf Ten Putter dramatically increases your putting stroke accuracy thanks to its high MOI.

It has a lightweight construction that provides a balanced experience so you get the maximum feedback when striking the ball.


  1. This high MOI putter boasts a sleek and modern design, making it a favorite among professional golfers.
  2. It also features the Triple Track option for improved alignment, a multi-material Stroke Lab shaft for better-putting performance,
  3. Weight reduction of seven grams for increased accuracy and consistency.
  4. The putter’s insert is made using Microhinge Technology, which promotes a quick forward roll for improved speed and response.


  • The triple Track option provides better alignment so you know where the ball will travel
  • The multi-material shaft provides improved responsiveness and feedback
  • The shot accuracy and consistent roll so it helps you improve your putting stroke over time.
  • The forward roll is quick and the club is pretty well-balanced.
  • Comes with an oversized grip for comfortable handling


  • No head cover at this price point

4) Cobra Golf King 3D Agera

Well-Balanced Option
4) Cobra Golf King 3D Agera

Right off the hook, you will also feel that this high MOI putter is well-balanced and solid so you will not feel it in your hands until you stroke the golf ball.

It will allow you to consistently hit the distances at long ranges and once you get how to square the putter face, you will easily put the ball in single strokes while on the green.

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The Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Printed Putter is among the best high MOI putters in the market.

It boasts a mallet-shaped putter head that focuses on performance instead of styling.

Its futuristic looks make it a delight to carry around thanks to its 3D-printed nylon insert and aluminum and tungsten weights.


  1. Its 3D-printed nylon insert and intricate 3D-printed nylon make it a well-balanced golf putter and provide a high MOI with its mallet head.
  2. Its putter head is similar to blade putters in functionality and provides guaranteed performance. .
  3. Maximum stability with multi-material construction which includes nylon lattice, steel frame, aluminum cap, and tungsten heel and toe.
  4. 4 descending lofts to produce consistent forward roll
  5. Headcover to keep it protected from scuffs and scratches


  • 3D printed weight manipulation for excellent balance
  • Very forgiving putter launched lately
  • Delivers perfect distance control and ball speed
  • Consistent performance to help you optimize your game and putting


  • A new entrant in the market so most people overlook it
  • The unorthodox putter face takes some time to get used to

5) TaylorMade Spider Tour Black

Most Forgiving Option
5) TaylorMade Spider Tour Black

This TaylorMade Spider mallet putter provides you optimal control and stability while you are still perfecting your game.

This quality putter will be a great addition to your golf equipment.

The Spider Tour Black is one of the best TaylorMade Spider Putters as it is a mallet putter and delivers exceptional performance.

TaylorMade has used the latest technology to deliver a masterpiece that provides a better roll to the golf ball with improved accuracy and control.


  1. Lightweight 6061 aluminum core matched with 304 SS frame that provides a high moment of inertia.
  2. The modern mallet head has better stability and roll making it a very high MOI putter.
  3. This high MOI putter promotes a pure roll groove insert that provides increased topspin and forwards distance control
  4. PU foam is embedded between the body and frame to dampen vibrations and enhance the club’s sturdy feel.
  5. SuperStroke GTR 1.0 Grip.
  6. Chrome Finish Steel Shaft.


  • This is a face balanced putter is quite forgiving for players struggling with off-centered shots
  • Premium build quality that is aesthetic and feels exceptional
  • Keeps your club head square


  • This setup comes with a single alignment aid so limited assistance.

6) PXG Lightning 0211

Budget Pick
6) PXG Lightning 0211

The PXG Lighting 0211 is an excellent high MOI putter that is made to perform consistently from one putting green to the next.

It provides the average golfer maximum forgiveness in an affordable package making it our budget pick.

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The PXG Lightning 0211 is one of the best high MOI putters that will surely fulfill your golfing needs.

The 0211 range features the heaviest putter, which offers exceptional stability during the putting stroke due to its shape.

The blade design is expertly combined with a double bend hosel, resulting in a face-balanced toe angle.


  1. Although it is a blade style putter, the lighting features a heavy club head that provides added balance and stability.
  2. The Lightning mallet putter deploys PXG’s patented Pyramid Face Pattern Technology
  3. The groove depth gives a great feel and optimizes the initial velocity of the ball.
  4. Cast 303 Stainless Steel.
  5. Its wide body design allows for an impressive-looking flared dual-step geometry and a bold-looking Runway Reticle alignment aid.


  • Ideal for players who push the ball
  • The cast 303 Stainless Steel increases the putter’s MOI
  • The golf club favors players with an arching putter stroke


  • Might be too heavy for some players.

7) Odyssey 11 Triple Track

Best Alignment Aids
7) Odyssey 11 Triple Track

Among many high MOI putters out there the Odyssey 11 Triple Track stands out due to its excellent alignment aids and ample forgiveness.

This high MOI putter will be a great addition to your golf game if you struggle to square your strokes.

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With a good choice of hosels and alignment lines, the Odyssey 11 Triple Track putter is a very stable, high MOI putter.

It features a composite design that comprises a steel crown with a lightweight TPU & aluminum under-body and steel weights in its back corners.


  1. Odyssey has moved the center of gravity nearly ¼ of an inch over other leading mallets while increasing inertia substantially.
  2. The multi-material stroke lab shaft features better performance due to shortened steel section.
  3. White Hot Insert – The most popular putter insert of all time is back with the original formulation, feel, sound, and performance
  4. The shape of the head is wide and square.


  • This creates improved performance, spin control, speed consistency on off-center hits, and a much tighter downrange dispersion
  • Confidence inspiring shape
  • Alignment lines that work really well
  • A great grip that provides a comfortable holding position


  • The black color might not be for everyone

Why Choose High MOI Putters?

  • MOI or Moment of Inertia is the measure for the twisting of the putter head when putts do not center the face.
  • The higher the MOI or resistance to twisting the more stable the putter will be.
  • A putter’s MOI isn’t plastered on the head when you buy one, but you can generally assume a mallet is going to be more resistant to twisting due to its size and overall weight.
  • Today, wide-body blades with higher MOI properties are available, so you don’t have to use a mallet if you’re inconsistent.
  • A putter with a high MOI will help you when you miss the center of the face.

However, it is important to remember that having a high MOI putter will not solve your problem of off-center hits.

You will also have to take into account other factors such as what kind of stroke you have and then find the right putter head shape and shaft length.

Final Thoughts

The list of top high MOI putters includes some famous brands.

The putters listed here may be the ideal high MOI putter for you based on your preferences as a player.

If you are still uncertain, choose one of the top 3 options for the best combination of value and performance.

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