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Charitable Efforts


Respect and integrity

Golf has a longstanding history of giving back to society. It starts with the values of sportsmanship, respect and integrity that are inherent in the game and passed on to kids who learn the game, and continues with billions of dollars raised annually for charities across the country.

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National charitable impact

Golf is a key driver of charitable giving in the U.S – $3.9 billion a year to be exact. Philanthropic contributions, including those from professional tournaments, are a huge part of the industry, with the majority of funds going to causes outside of the sport. Beneficiaries include health, youth, education, environmental and cultural groups nationally, regionally and locally.


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Military Causes

Learn how the game gives back to military organizations

Golf has a longstanding history of giving back to the armed forces and their families as well as those with disabilities through higher education scholarships, programs for injured service members, golf rehabilitative activities and other family-inclusive opportunities.