10 Best Putter Grips: Your Ultimate Guide with Expert Reviews

best putter grips

For beginner and professional golfers alike, the ‘putting game’ is just as important as learning to hit the ball long distances.

To ensure that you get the best feel, control, and accuracy off of your putting stroke, it is vital to have the right putter grip.

The best putter grips will allow for a smoother and more consistent stroke while offering improved shock absorption and control.

In this best putter grip guide, you will learn all you need to know about the different types of putter grips available in the market and which would best suit your playstyle and budget!

Our Top 3 Putter Grips: At A Glance

Editor's Choice
Garsen G-Pro Max
Garsen G-Pro Max
  • Style: Available in 3 colors themes; blue, red, and white
  • Size: Close to standard putter grip
  • Performance: Improved accuracy, control, and consistency
Top Pick
SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Putter Grip
SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Putter Grip
  • Style: Available in 8 color themes
  • Size: Standard, Undersized, Oversized
  • Performance: Exceptional traction, control, and feedback
Budget Pick
Ping PP58
Ping PP58
  • Style: Solid black
  • Size: Standard circular putter grip
  • Performance: Improves accuracy and consistency
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The Top 10 Putter Grips You’ll Absolutely Love

Your putter is often the final club you use to get your golf ball from the putting green into the cup on each hole.

Putting on a new putter grip on your favorite putter can change its entire look but also help improve its performance, making you fall in love with it all over again!

So, without further ado, let’s look at our pick of the ten best golf putter grips of 2022.

1) SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Putter Grip

Editor's Choice
1) SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Putter Grip

The SuperStroke Traxion is our Editor's Choice for a reason. This beautifully designed golf grip is available in 8 color schemes and five sizes ranging from undersize to oversized. The ideal grip for golfers of all handicaps!

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Both the undersized and oversized grip options offered by the SuperStroke Traxion offer superb control, comfort, and traction to deliver a simply wonderful putting experience.

The grip feels stable and durable in your hands and offers excellent feedback on shots, especially the undersized grip options.

It may cost a few dollars extra compared to other options on this list, but in our expert opinion, it is well worth the added cost!


  • Advanced surface texture for improved feel and feedback.
  • A unique parallel design that offers a more consistent stroke and minimized grip pressure.
  • Made from synthetic materials.
  • SuperStroke’s Advanced Spyne Technology aids in comfortable and repeatable hand positioning.
  • Engineered to accept all types of Super Stroke “Tech-Port” accessories. This helps further customize the grip to your playstyle resulting in a more consistent and repeatable stroke.


  • The material has a comfortable grip texture that isn’t too sticky or too slippery
  • Aesthetically pleasing to look at – would look great on any putter!
  • Available in five different sizes and 8 different color schemes
  • Offers even grip pressure and excellent traction
  • Aids in repeatable hand positioning and proper wrist alignment


  • Slightly pricier than most other alternatives on this list

2) Garsen G-Pro Max

Top Pick
2) Garsen G-Pro Max

The Garsen Max is the ideal grip for low handicappers who want all the biomechanical advantages they can get from their putter grip.

If you are thinking of investing in a putter grip that truly helps improve your putting game, the Max is our top pick!

Although Garsen is a fairly new company, it has already solidified itself as an innovator when it comes to putter grip technology and design.

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The Garsen G-Pro Max offers the latest innovative technology when it comes to putter grips and this is what makes it our top pick for 2022!

An innovative square grip design and a lightweight polyurethane compound construction offer the perfect blend of comfort, control, and versatility.

Guaranteed to improve your putting stroke this is a grip that you simply must try if you feel like you are struggling on the greens with your putter.


  • The cutting-edge square grip design offers 45% rotation for greater accuracy and distance control
  • The versatile design offers comfort to golfers that use all types of grips. Whether you use a traditional putter grip, a claw grip, a left-hand low grip, or any other variation you are assured of a smooth stroke with greater consistency.
  • Constructed from high-tech polyurethane material the grip offers a soft and comfortable feel through the ball. It also provides greater control over the putter head allowing you to get a straighter swing – with the ball starting on the line, more consistently.
  • Offers a “semi-tacky grip feel” that provides maximum grip while using less force and pressure. The semi-tacky prevents your hands or fingers from slipping or sliding.
  • The shape of the grip also helps with better posture tucking in your elbows and allowing your shoulders to feel nice and relaxed.


  • Ideal for those who have too much tension in their hands and wrists
  • Available in three beautiful color schemes
  • Easy to line up stokes and control distance
  • Innovative square grip design help improve your putting stroke accuracy
  • Suitable for all types of grip positions


  • Expensive
  • Only available in one size (size is similar to the SuperStroke 2.0)

3) Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

Most Popular
3) Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

The SuperStroke Slim 3.0 is an extremely popular putter grip thanks to its lightweight construction, affordable price, and great feel.

For those seeking an oversized grip that isn't too big or too heavy, the Slim 3.0 is a great choice.

It is also ideally suited for women and seniors who want a lighter grip to help improve their swing speed.

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The SuperStroke Slim 3.0 is an oversized putter grip that is lightweight and available in three unique colors.

It was also arguably one of the most popular putter grip models of the 2021 PGA tour, used by the likes of golf pros such as Jason Dufner.


  • The lightweight construction allows for greater feedback on your pure putting stroke
  • Available in three striking colors; midnight orange, midnight purple, and midnight yellow
  • Made from polyester – weighing in at only 60 grams.
  • Easy to DIY install and align the grip perpendicular to the putter face
  • Offers decent traction and helps reduce wrist movement


  • Reasonably priced
  • Very easy to install
  • Available in 3 different color schemes
  • Made from durable lightweight polyester – USGA Approved
  • Comfortable feel with excellent feedback


  • Not as durable as other models on this list

4) Golf Pride Pro Only

Most Comfortable
4) Golf Pride Pro Only

The most unique feature of this grip is its paddle side which is a decent size and makes alignment and grip positioning easy and comfortable.

The Golf Pride Pro is also very reasonably priced (under $20) and offers unparallel comfort and feel when playing on the greens.

However, if you are looking for a grip that will help genuinely improve your putting game, then you are better off with either the SuperStroke Traxion or The Garsen Pro Max.

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The Golf Pride Pro uses a unique contoured shape that gives this grip a perfect soft-tacky feel no matter your position. It is also perhaps the most ‘comfortable feeling’ of all putter grips mentioned on this list.

The Golf Pride Pro is closer to a standard grip in terms of size and helps with increasing control of your golf swings. This makes it a viable option for heavier putters and fast greens.


  1. The unique shape of the grip offers a relaxed yet firm grip giving you greater accuracy, control, and feedback on each stroke.
  2. The arched paddle wide front construction allows for greater distance control on your strokes
  3. The angled back shape offers greater comfort and encourages better hand positioning for more consistent strokes.
  4. Made with a firm rubber compound that is extremely durable and offers excellent feedback with decent shock absorption.
  5. An aesthetically pleasing design and color scheme


  • One of the most comfortable grips on this list
  • Made from extremely durable rubber compounds
  • Excellent feedback
  • Firm feel allows for better control
  • Encourages repetitive and precise hand positioning


  • This slightly heavier and firmer grip may result in excess wrist action during strokes
  • Only available in one size and one color

5) Golf Pride Ping Man Putter

5) Golf Pride Ping Man Putter

For those looking for an affordable mid-size grip that isn't too fancy but practical and durable, the Ping PP58 may be the right option.

PING is a well-renowned name in the golf world, and its products are reputed for their quality, performance, and innovation.

Our expert advice? Well, if you already have a Ping putter that you love and are looking for a replacement grip to breathe life back into it, it will do the job just fine!

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If you are seeking a mid-size grip that offers a firm feel and reduces wrist action during your putting strokes the Ping PP58 might just be the perfect grip for you!

At first glance, the grip may look like an ordinary thicker grip but if you look closer you will realize just how clever this grip really is. Practical, affordable, durable, and versatile the Ping PP58 is always a safe bet, especially, for recreational golfers.


  1. The Ping PP58’s unique design is engineered to help keep your wrist firm and reduce wrist movement.
  2. Offers an excellent replacement grip option for all PING putters.
  3. Constructed as a mid-size black rubber grip which is masterfully crafted to ensure that your putter face always stays square during contact with the ball.
  4. The design also helps ensure greater accuracy and control on all your putting strokes as it will naturally reduce any unwanted wrist action.
  5. Has a standard pistol grip style and in terms of size is bigger than your average midsize iron grip.


  • Offers a smooth solid feel with no slippage even during wet conditions
  • Encourages a firmer grip and limits excess wrist action
  • An excellent budget-friendly option for those who own PING putters
  • Offers excellent traction
  • Helps in improving accuracy and distance control


  • Available in only one size and in black color
  • Not suitable for golfers that prefer plenty of wrist action through the ball

6) Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Putting Grip

Expensive But Worth It!
6) Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Putting Grip

The Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour is an aesthetically pleasing oversize grip that offers high levels of comfort, durability, feedback, and feel.

For those who like a soft feel for their putter grips, this is an excellent option if you have the budget.

However, in our personal view, the SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 (featured below) is a more affordable and better-looking putter grip.

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Another entry that makes it on our list from Golf Pride is the Tour SNSR. The reason it is on this list is simple – it is one of the most preferred sculpted pistol grip options available on the market.

This oversized putter grip offers a soft feel all while delivering maximum levels of feedback and comfort. Available in two sizes with a gray and black color scheme.


  1. The pistol contour shape offers a soft feel and maximum levels of feedback
  2. Allows you to lock in your grip with your upper hand which makes it easy to achieve a repetitive putting motion
  3. The flat paddle front encourages precise finger positioning and thumb placement which automatically results in better putter face alignment.
  4. Made from a propriety SNSR rubber blend
  5. Requires lighter grip pressure to achieve the same levels of feel and feedback as compared to other grips on this list.


  • Nice grip texture and attractive color scheme
  • Offers a lot more upper-hand control thanks to its unique contoured shape.
  • Available in two different oversized grip sizes
  • Soft feel that encourages light grip pressure
  • Excellent comfort, feel, and feedback


  • Expensive
  • One of the heavier putter grips available on the market (124 grams)

7) Flat Cat Grip

Best New Golf Putter Grip
7) Flat Cat Grip

Although Flat Cat is a relatively new putter grip manufacturer, it has taken the golf world by storm.

Its innovative designs and range of models are tailored to suit the needs of just about any golfer.

If you are someone who has trouble squaring up their putter face or wants a putter grip that is lightweight and yet highly durable even in the wet this might just be the perfect option for you!

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Flat Cat is a fairly newer and lesser-known brand compared to the other established brands on this list.

However, the performance, looks, quality, and value for money that Flat Cat putter grips offer have astonished many an expert golfer in 2022.

Flat Cat Original putter grips are available in five sizes; Big Boy, Flat, Slim, Standard, and Svelte, and in an elegant green, white, and black color scheme.


  1. Features a truly unique first-of-its-kind shape that helps improve putting consistency and accuracy.
  2. The Flat1 design allows the handle to square up perfectly to the putter face, allowing the best alignment of your stroke toward your intended target line.
  3. Made from a blend of high-quality polyurethane that is lightweight and comfortable
  4. The innovative ‘Easy-Glide’ cone makes taking out the putter from your golf bag easy and effortless
  5. Perfectly flat sides encourage a square putter face on every stroke


  • Available in five distinct sizes
  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight construction and an innovative game-changing design
  • Advanced surface texture allows you to maintain grip even in wet and rainy conditions
  • The only grip that offers an Easy-Glide cone feature


  • All sizes come in only one color theme

8) Ping PP58

Budget Pick
8) Ping PP58

If you are looking for a lightweight solid black grip, made by a reputed manufacturer, and extremely affordable, you can't go wrong with our budget pick of the year, the Ping PP58.

The Ping PP58 putter grip was used by the legend himself, Tiger Woods, on his game-day Scotty putter earlier on in his career. If it was good enough for the master himself, it is good enough for anyone!

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The Ping PP58 is our budget pick for this list as it is currently available at a discounted price of just $14.99!

That makes it one of the most affordable options on this list.

However, that doesn’t mean you are getting an inferior quality product.

The Ping PP58 is a highly durable grip and one of the most recommended choices for Ping or Scotty putters.


  1. Has a pistol grip that offers excellent feel and comfort
  2. Lightweight and durable rubber construction
  3. Designed to keep your wrists firm for a more stable and consistent stroke
  4. Offers a textured feel and slip resistance for increased traction in all conditions
  5. Helps improve accuracy by providing a lot of feedback on each stroke


  • Available in 3 sizes; Midsize PP58 Cord grip, Blackout PP58 grip, Midsize PP58 Black grip
  • Extremely good value for money
  • Offers decent traction in even wet conditions
  • Textured feel and slip resistance
  • Has a soft touch and great feel thanks to the pistol grip


  • The blackout model is only available in standard size

9) SuperStroke Fatso 5.0

Best Thicker Putter Grip
9) SuperStroke Fatso 5.0

If you seek a comfortable fat-style grip that helps restrict wrist movement for more consistent strokes, look no further than the SuperStroke Fatso 5.0!

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We have our third SuperStroke entry on this list which is a testament to just how dominant and popular the SuperStroke brand has become.

The SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 is our recommendation for the best thicker grips available on the market.

The grip is reasonably priced and offers unmatched comfort, quality, and style.


  1. No taper technology allows for consistent grip pressure on your strokes.
  2. Cross-traction surface texture helps reduce slip allowing for better traction and limited wrist movement.
  3. Made from a tacky polyurethane outer layer and lightweight EVA foam for added comfort.
  4. High levels of feel and tack
  5. Lightweight compared to its size and highly durable


  • Optimal non-slip grip with cross-traction texture
  • Encourages limited wrist action when playing your stroke
  • Helps in creating consistent grip pressure
  • Lightweight durable construction
  • USGA Approved


  • It can be a tight fit in some golf bags

10) Lamkin Deep-Etched Grip

Best Putter Grips For Feedback
10) Lamkin Deep-Etched Grip

If you prefer a thinner pistol shape grip that isn't smooth and offers plenty of feedback and feels on your putting strokes, you simply can't go wrong with the Lamkin.

The grip is highly durable, offers a solid feel, and is reasonably priced. What's not to like?

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If feedback and feel are more important to you than comfort and traction, then the Lamkin Deep-Etched grip may be best suited to your playstyle.

Even though Lamkin may not be as popular as the other brands on this list, this particular grip is arguably the best in its class!


  1. A visible horizontal etched pattern allows for better grip stability and traction.
  2. A traditional paddle shape is also ideal for golfers seeking grips that offer maximum responsiveness
  3. Made from Lamkin’s patented Genesis Material (a hybrid rubber compound) it offers a tacky grip feel with superior durability
  4. Offers high levels of feedback on each stroke which is ideal for low handicappers
  5. Available in four attractive colors


  • Highest level of feedback and feel from your putter head
  • Extremely durable and perfect for all-weather use
  • Designed to increase stability and traction
  • Offers a highly tacky feel
  • Offers maximum responsiveness on your putting stroke


  • Only made for .58 Round golf shafts
  • Compromises comfort for performance

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Putter Grip For You!

That concludes our list of the 10 best putter grips of the year.

As you can probably tell by now the best putter grip for you depends a lot upon personal preference and playstyle.

So, let’s look at some of the factors that you should consider before making a buying decision.

1) Design, Shape & Aesthetics

Putter grips can be categorized into six distinct shapes: circular putter grips, oval grips, pistol grips, flat wide grips, flat oval, and semi-pistol shape grips.

It is important to choose a shape and design that your hands feel comfortable with. There is no right or wrong design or shape.

As far as aesthetics go, that is a personal choice. You can choose striking color schemes such as the ones offered by SuperStoke or opt for solid colors such as the Ping PP58 Blackout.

2) Undersized Vs. Oversized

Use an oversized grip if you want to reduce wrist movement during your stroke. Undersized grips, which include standard and mid-size grips, will allow for more wrist action and generally better feedback and feel.

3) Firm Vs. Soft

Pro golfers or low handicappers prefer a firm putter grip as it requires minimal grip pressure while offering superior feedback and responsiveness.

Average or amateur golfers prefer a soft putter grip as it makes their putter easier to hold, offering better accuracy and control, resulting in more consistent strokes.

4) Level Of Traction

It is always best to opt for grips that offer high levels of traction to help increase the friction between your fingers and palm. This reduces the risk of you losing your grip when trying to get more power on those longer-putting greens.

Final Thoughts

Any of the putter grips listed in our guide could be the best putter grip for you.

A lot of it depends on preference and what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

However, our top 3 recommendations are, in our view, the best all-around putter grips money can buy.

They help improve your putting game while breathing new life into your old putter, making it feel and look better than you bought it!

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