November 07, 2017

‘Don’t You Think Golf Can Use Any Dose of Coolness It Can Get?’

This Golf Digest article on Wendell Haskins,  Director of Sports & Entertainment Relations at PGA of America, is a must read. 

Haskins' skill set and connections would have served him well in any number of endeavors. Improbably—some might say quixotically—and definitely idealistically, for the past two decades he has focused on the world of golf.

As the founder of a tournament and former PGA of America senior director of diversity and multicultural initiatives, Haskins has put himself on the forefront of the struggle to increase the presence and prominence of African-Americans in golf.

"I love the game and its history, and I love black people," says Haskins, 49. "I know all three of those entities become valuable to the world the more they intersect. And that's what I try to do."

Full article can be seen here

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