Golf's Positive Impact

Golf makes a positive social and environmental impact, adding value across the land it manages, resources it uses, and people and communities it touches. Additionally, golf can be a catalyst to driving sustainability awareness in front of millions of individuals, communities and businesses. 


What’s on golf’s environmental agenda?

Nature: Conserving and enriching biodiversity as well as contributing to the functioning of ecosystems as healthy semi-natural landscapes for people and wildlife. 

Water:  Acting as protected green space within watersheds, innovating highly efficient irrigation technology and practices, investing in infrastructure to reuse and recycle low-quality water, developing and renovating courses to require less irrigation. 

Energy: Minimizing energy consumption and harnessing renewable resources.

Pollution control:  Enhancing air, water and soil quality through responsible professional land and resource management.

Supply Chain: Driving a greener economy through sustainable purchasing and moving toward zero-waste businesses. 

Community: Providing healthy recreation for all ages; youth programs; jobs and training; meeting place for families and businesses; and an event platform for charitable fundraising.

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