Get Golf Ready

Get Golf Ready is an industry-supported, fun and affordable program designed to introduce golf to the millions of adults who have never played or have minimal golf experience through a series of group lessons.  Last year, the program reached new heights in highest number of active facilities (2,628); highest number of facilities enrolling 25 or more participants (1,364); highest average of participants per facility (40.9); highest percentage of female (66%) and minority (24%) participants; highest one-year (87%), two-year (81%), three-year (73%) and four-year (67%) retention rates; highest number of graduates (107,485); and highest amount of annual spending by graduates ($353 million). 

In 2015, Get Golf Ready reached an economic milestone by bringing in an estimated $1 billion in cumulative revenue for the golf industry based on estimated facility participant counts and consumer spending. 

Five lessons start at only $99 with equipment included.