Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell Troon 2


The food and beverage department at golf courses across America play an increasingly important role in a club’s success. Which makes stories like Chris Campbell's a true window in the golf industry. 

Born in Jamaica, Campbell moved to Florida when he was a teenager. He honed his skills in the hospitality industry working at well-known restaurants in Georgia like Chart House and 45 South, where he experienced every role from dishwasher to bartender to server to maître d’. Campbell moved into the golf side of the business while working at The Landings in Savannah, his last stop before he came to Lake of Isles.

“We think the world of Chris Campbell,” said Lake of Isles’ general manager, Archie Cart, of his F&B director for the past 11 years at the Troon Golf-managed facility that serves Foxwood Casino – one of the top-10 ranked casinos in the world.

“Everybody needs to go through the service industry at least once to find out what it’s all about,” said the 45-year-old Campbell. “If you have a love for it, it’s definitely hard to leave. That’s basically what happened to me. I knew I was good at it, and so I just kept growing.”


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