January 03, 2018

The Drive to Save Muny

This is a must read article from Garden & Gun on how Luke Wilson and Ben Crenshaw are working to save a civil rights landmark golf course in Austin, Texas. 


As Crenshaw and Wilson chat, a group of boys and girls from a local high school shares the driving range with a tattooed guy whose long rocker hair spills over his black T-shirt. Countless golfers stop to introduce themselves to Crenshaw, and at one point a man with shaggy blond hair rolls up in a golf cart with his cattle dog at his side (this being Austin, Muny is dog friendly); he plays here once a week, usually barefoot, and it turns out he and Wilson are old high-school buddies. “This is what I’m talking about,” Crenshaw says. “Look around and you see all different walks of life interacting with each other and learning and enjoying this ancient game.”


Read the full article here

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