July 29, 2017

Topgolf Removing Some of the Sport’s Barriers

The Florida Times-Union recently reported on how Topgolf has provided a signifigant boost to the golf industry in Jacksonville, Florida.

Steve Mona, the chief executive officer for the St. Augustine-based World Golf Foundation, said golf doesn’t always have to be about 18 holes with flag and a cup.

“We view Topgolf as a legitimate entry point into the traditional game,” Mona said. “We don’t have the conversion rate but the 25 percent number is not unsurprising to me. The number of those people who actually take their game to a golf course can’t be totally validated from a strictly rigorous process yet, but I would buy into it. We find it very encouraging. Topgolf is getting people interested in the game and there’s no doubt that many of them are matriculating to the green-grass experience.”

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