June 07, 2017

Survey Finds More Golfers Are Playing More Often

A study conducted for by Sports & Leisure Research Group shows positive signs for the golf industry. More committed golfers are playing more often, and they plan to increase play throughout 2017. 

Those surveyed were golfers who played at least 10 times in the past year, and just over half of respondents had a 10-20 handicap.

Additional questions included fun ones like in the graphic shown here, which asks: How long before your tee time do you typically arrive at the course?


Other survey results of note:

  • 76% played mostly on public courses
  • 81% played as much or more golf over the previous year
  • 96% expected to play as much or more golf this year than last year
  • 41% find the idea of a nine-hole round appealing
  • 49% favor stroke play when playing a casual match with friends (39% favor Match play [best ball])
  • 73% do not enjoy playing golf alone
  • 56% use golf carts
  • 55% arrive at the course 30 minutes before tee time
  • 36% find golf more inclusive and welcoming than it was a generation ago
  • 23% say the putter is their favorite club in the bag

The complete survey may be seen on

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